Exterior Detail & Wax 

Riverchase Car Wash & Detail will save your valuable time by providing you with the most innovative, quality-backed, luxury detail services for your vehicles. 

We guarantee that you will be satisfied.

Why You Should Wash & Detail Your Vehicle?

  1. Detailing on a regular basis reduces deterioration of your vehicle
  2. Helps to retain the value of your vehicle at its maximum level
  3. Maintain your vehicle at its best shape
  4. Helps you to retain your vehicle much longer
  5. Feels great being inside of a freshly detailed vehicle

Hand Wax

Ideal for Brand New Cars or 
Recently Buffed Cars for a Quick Gloss

Car       $49.99
M         $59.99
L          $69.99
XL       $89.99

 Polish, Buff, Wax

Ideal for Cars with Minor Roughness and Dullness

Car       $99.99
M         $109.99
L          $129.99
XL       $159.99

                                                                                        Black Vehicles: $50 Extra

3-Step Compound Buff Wax

Ideal for Light Scratches, Medium Oxidation, Swirl or Buffing Marks Removal

Car       $199.99
M         $229.99
L          $249.99
XL       $289.99
    XXL    $329.99

                                                                                        -Extra Fee for Dark Vehicles-

                                                                                         (High Gloss Shine lasts up to 6 months)

5-Step Compound Polish Wax

Ideal for Medium Scratches Repair, Heavy Oxidation, Swirl or Buffing Marks Removal

Car       $299.99
M         $329.99
L          $349.99
XL       $389.99
XXL    $429.99

 -Extra Fee for Dark Vehicles-

                                                                                        (Deep High Gloss Shine lasts up to 6 months)

-Coating for Paint Protection-

Paint Color Protection, Prevention from Chips, Deep Color Coating

for 1 Year Guarantee   $350
for 3 Year Guarantee   $650
for 5 Year Guarantee   $999

  -Also provides protection from Oxidation, Bugs, Stone Chips-

Note: After waxes and coatings, please take care of your vehicle by periodical hand waxes and professional car washes.